Our content creation services

We are photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers motivated to create strong and meaningful visual content for your company or brand. We are based in Hamburg, Germany, and available for jobs worldwide. Our services include:

  • Photography | High-quality photography services & advanced photo editing
  • Filmmaking | Promotional videos and short films for your brand (full package including storytelling, script, filming, editing, and color grading)
  • Copywriting | Copy accompanying photo/video projects created to convey the message of your brand
  • Social media collaboration | Promotion of your brand via our social media platforms and/or content creation for your social media channels (photographs, videos, copy)

State-of-the-art photo & video equipment

  • Sony a7SII & a7III cameras and high-quality camera lenses

  • Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal stabilizer

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, etc.


Visual is the new king

Did you know that photo and video posts account for 87% of all interactions on Facebook? Even on text-oriented Twitter, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets. Just by glancing through social media, it is clear that visual content has taken over the media space to the point where it’s unimaginable to create anything, let alone a successful marketing strategy without heavily relying on quality visual storytelling.


Facts bore, stories sell

Such a saturated visual market has inevitably led to reduced attention span, and decreasing patience for the average and boring content, which is why it has never been more critical for your photos and videos to stand out. 

Unfortunately, having a great product or service means very little nowadays if you can’t market it wisely. Just take the example of Juicero, a 400 USD cold-press juicer that raised 120 million USD from investors to “make the freshest juice you’ve ever tasted.” Juicero’s excellent marketing strategy created a lot of hype on social media through a series of promo videos that went viral. All videos were short, simple, visually attractive, and focused on showcasing the design and all the cool specs of the juicer (including WiFi connectivity LOL).

The story, however, doesn’t end there. It turned out that the 400 EUR juicer was utterly unnecessary, as the packs of fruits and vegetables designed for it could also be squeezed by hand. The company eventually offered a full refund to all customers who bought the juicer, but you get the point. 


How to create engaging visual content

There are dozens, often contradicting, rules for creating quality visual content. We believe that the most important ways of turning your viewers into potential customers are to make them relate to your brand — by telling your story in an authentic and simple way, by going behind your brand and showing your human side, and by providing them knowledge or entertainment.