A roadmap to Instagram success


Our experience and expertise

  • Organically grown our personal @brotherside account to 37k followers in 2 years with no budget

  • Highly engaging audience (15% engagement rate)

  • Scientific background (PhD researchers) allows us to approach the requirements in a systematic, methodical, and analytical way


Befriend the algorithm

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already felt the wrath of the infamous Instagram algorithm. The romantic days of Instagram’s chronological feed that determined your success based solely on content quality are long gone. Instead, we have been served an ever-changing algorithm that favors quantity over quality. In such an environment, it has never been more important to have clearly defined goals, strategy and find creative ways of reaching new audiences, whether you run a business or a personal account. 


Define your goals and strategy

Growing your Instagram is a business like any other. The sooner you accept that, the better. Sure, some people are so talented, good-looking, or lucky that their growth seems almost effortless. The rest of us have to be ready to put in a tremendous amount of well-planned and structured effort in order to see the results, and it all starts with defining your goals and developing a long-term Instagram strategy. This step is crucial, as it will save you a lot of time and let you focus on providing value to your audience. Understanding how Instagram works, finding your niche, doing extensive market research and identifying who your audience is and how they engage is a good start. 


Establish your identity and be consistent

Whether you run a business or a personal channel, establishing your identity is crucial. That includes finding your visual style and sticking to it. Instagram is a platform that, above all, values consistency. If you are a landscape photographer who built an audience posting photos of nature, changing your genre of photography will most likely have permanent negative consequences on your engagement rate and follower growth. 

Posting consistency is another important step to engage and grow your audience. Posting quality curated content on a regular basis and doing so at peak activity hours is the best way to please the algorithm and get your work seen by a wider audience. 



Back to the algorithm. Before the introduction of personalized, non-chronological feed, engagement with your audience and Instagram community didn’t hold such vital importance. After all, your content was seen by the same amount of people regardless of how much you engaged with them. The new algorithm works in a way that your post is first shown to a small part of your audience and, based on their engagement, it is decided if the post is over- or underachieving. Overachieving posts will then be shown to a higher number of users, end up in Top Posts and Explore sections, and consequently achieve larger reach. By interacting with your Instagram community, you ensure that the initial audience that sees your post is loyal and highly-engaging. 


Find alternative ways to grow

So, your goals are defined, strategy well-thought-out and your posts are straight fire. Still, you feel that things could be better. Now is the time to drop conventional thinking and really get creative. Finding similar-size Instagrammers in your niche and starting a collaboration is a good way to go. You can post an edit of each other’s photos or feature them in your Instagram Stories. What about doing an account takeover?

You can also treat your audience with a contest or a giveaway or just send them some postcards as a sign of appreciation. Besides giving back to the community, if done correctly, all of these could also greatly benefit your account.  


Influencer marketing & paid campaigns 

And finally, influencer marketing. Should you try it? Is it worth it? Perhaps not, but won’t know until you try. Before you start, though, you should definitely learn a thing or two about the metrics for calculating influencers’ true media value and compatibility to your brand. One’s true influence is determined by much more than their follower count. Actually, follower count is the least important out of all the parameters you want to be looking at. Also, there is that confusing thing called disclosure and transparency regulations. 

If done right, influencer marketing can skyrocket your brand, both in terms of visibility and sales, with a significantly lower investment compared to the conventional marketing methods, so make sure you take it seriously.


And that’s it. Six easy steps to grow your Instagram account. It’s as simple as that. Now you should be ready to step up your Instagram game. If not, let us help you out. We offer tailor-made consulting for businesses and individuals, highly-focused on achieving your goals. Sounds interesting?