We are Boris and Sandro Erceg, photographers and content creators behind the brotherside project. Our main artistic focuses are cityscapes and urban environments.

We also run an Instagram account focused on travel photography and storytelling. With over 40000 followers and 7000 engagements on average, it is one of the best-performing photography accounts in Hamburg and beyond.

Below you can find a selection of photographs made within the cooperation with Sony Mobile Global & Sony Xperia Deutschland. All photos were taken with Sony Xperia devices, except the ones featuring the phones.



Content creation

Photography — we have vast experience in mobile photography and can create photo series showcasing the capabilities of your mobile phones, as well as product photography in various urban environments using professional camera equipment. 

Filmmaking — we can create original videos using mobile phones showcasing the video capabilities of devices, as well as mobile photography tutorials. Within the collaboration with Sony Global, we were selected amongst 40 filmmakers around the world to create a documentary film shot entirely on Xperia devices. The film was directed by an award-winning cinematographer Mateo Willis.




We are the organizers of #PhotoBeerWalk, a free photo event aimed at connecting the local photo and Instagram community. So far, we have organized 7 Instawalks (6 in Hamburg and 1 in Zagreb, Croatia), with over 30 participants on average. 
We offer collaboration through our photo walks, with the focus on mobile photography or similar. Alternatively, we offer assistance in creating and organizing your own Instawalks.



Influencer marketing

All our services can be paired with influencer marketing through our Instagram account (40k followers). Our Instagram posts average over 7k engagements (likes + comments), resulting in a very high engagement rate of 17% (compared to the average of 3% on Instagram).



Our clients




Boris & Sandro Erceg | hello@brotherside.com | +49 176 436 15 115