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Up close and personal


We are

Boris and Sandro Erceg, best friends, brothers, and content creators originally from Croatia. In our spare time, we work full-time as research scientists, pursuing PhD degrees on the design of Arctic icebreakers. Sandro is based in Hamburg, whereas Boris lives in Trondheim, Norway.



project is an attempt to find creative ways of channeling our passions – photography and writing. The name combines the word brothers with otherside, where the latter represents the way we live our lives – on the other side on the fence – constantly scrutinizing our beliefs and opinions.


This website

will feature our full body of work – from personal and commercial photography and filmmaking, storytelling and behind the scenes, to a series of technical articles about photography and Instagram growth.



in one breath


The journey

began in the late eighties when then-toddler Sandro made a special wish — a brother. As manipulative as he has always been, his wish was granted, and, soon after, Boris escaped the comfort of the uterus, marking the beginning of the brothers’ golden era. For the next 22 years, we shared a loft room and life adventures in Rijeka, the largest port in Croatia and a gateway to Western Europe. 

Times were tough, and money was tight, so we grew up in a stereotypical Croatian way, stuck in the bitter and slow reality of our hometown, with little chance to experience the joy of traveling. For a long time, we believed that a steady job, car, house, and fancy clothes pretty much defined one’s worth as a person, and, for the most part, we did our best to blend in. 

It was only during university days when we started to perceive and explore the world in different ways. Since then, we have changed jobs, countries, partners, operating systems, and life perspectives. To this day, exploring and critical mindset has stayed the only constant in our lives.



Behind the project


Sandro (31) is the technical director and senior photographer of brotherside, and the only team member with a driver's license.

His world-renowned camera techniques are surpassed only by his poor time management skills.

Instead of pursuing a highly improbable football career, he graduated Naval Architecture from the University of Rijeka, Croatia, winning the Student of the Generation award. Soon after, he started a PhD study at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, in an attempt to make a breakthrough in simulating ship-ice interaction in Arctic waters.

He has continued his PhD research in Hamburg, Germany, where he currently lives.


Boris (28) is the writing powerhouse and the chief business strategist of brotherside, responsible for the majority of texts and poor joke attempts on this website.

He is also an elite stutterer, a renowned trip planner, and a fervent proponent of freedom of expression and thought.

Professionally, he followed Sandro’s path – graduating Naval Architecture from the University of Rijeka and later starting with his PhD, where he is looking into the effects of variations found in ice loads on the ship’s structural response.

He currently lives in Trondheim, Norway, where he constantly complains about the weather.