What is #PhotoBeerWalk?

#PhotoBeerWalk is a meet-up concept which combines photography, urban exploration, and socializing.

Supported by benevolent German drinking laws, we organized our first walk in Hamburg, Germany in Spring of 2017, with the goal of bringing together the local Instagram and photography community, sharing knowledge, and exploring interesting photo spots in the city – of course, all while enjoying a beer or a beverage of choice.

So far, eight photo walks (seven in Hamburg and one in Zagreb, Croatia) averaged over 35 participants each, and, more importantly, served as a catalyst for many new friendships, ideas, and collaborations. Read more at Spiegel Online (in German).



The inspiration came from our early days in Hamburg, when we used every opportunity to explore the city with our cameras and a couple of drinks in our backpacks – each time randomly selecting the neighbourhood and walking direction.

Instameets have been organized since the early days of Instagram, whether through thematic walks, workshops, photo challenges, or just random city strolls. Regardless of the form, every photo walk serves to connect people and share knowledge within the community.

On our photo walks, the idea is to transfer the social interaction away from the phones into the real life, which has never been harder to do.

Finally, everyone is welcome to join, regardless of their photography skills.